Thursday, October 18, 2012

The lovely miss Clara!

I've been stitching on this page, which is technically the fifth page, but I just skipped down to her face. Her hair is basically all confetti, but the effect is worth it!
My first two days of work went well. Only thing is that I only got two days this week, totaling eight hours :/ they hired like fifteen people as seasonal workers!!!! That's crazy to me, and I worry I won't get enough hours with that amount of people. I guess I just have to prove myself so they give me more.
Anyway I also started insanity, and after one day my legs are so sore it's ridiculous! I'm going to push on through though. :)

Anyhow, here is Miss Clara!!!
Should I go left or right now? Or down??


  1. She looks gorgeous with her green eyes!
    I'd go left to finish her hat ☺

  2. Down to the gravity defying boobs! lol.

    When I temped I was only down for 15 hours but in the run up to Christmas I was doing near to 40, I wouldn't worry too much :)

  3. She looks really pretty =)
    I would go left next to finish her eye =)

  4. Lovely progress!! She is really coming along! Congrats on the job!! =)

  5. great stitching:D i think left to the bigger page.

  6. Clara is looking good. Congrats on the job, hope you get a few more hours soon.

  7. She's beautiful but you definitely should finish of that eye so the poor girl can see properly!