Tuesday, October 2, 2012

QS Clara page two

I finished page two of Clara. Three is a partial and small so I should finish it in no time. The question is should I make a new start, go back to an old one, or start the next row of Clara???

I really like cloud by jelinka, but idk if I should start/buy her
If I got her I don't think I'd do the argyle checked pattern to the side.

Anyway here is Clara. She's such a little minx


  1. Congrats on your page finish! I can't wait to see more of her :)

  2. Clara looks awesome and I am eager to see more of her colored ;-)

  3. She looks beautiful! As for what you stitch next you should definately stitch on the one that draws you the most so if Cloud is doing it for you then go for it!

  4. Congratulations.... She is looking gorgeous... and for the next stitching... you should go with what your says... since that will be what is going to give you more pleasure stitching ;)