Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Page 4 and experiments in crochet

I'm just zooming through this thanks to boredom and Netflix lol!

I also crocheted my first scarf today! I've only ever made hats so I decided to give it a try...It's white, red, and green, which is appropriate since I've been watching Christmas movies nonstop the pat few days for some reason. Maybe it's because it's so hot here in Texas that I want to be reminded that winter still exists lol yesterday was the first day it didn't reach triple digits this whole month I believe!!


  1. Wow to both! Great progress on stitching. I am so tempted by those designs ... with solid black lines. I think they are very effective. Your scarf is just amazing. What yarn are you using? Does it change colour on its own or do you change it yourself?

  2. It changes on its own :) its called Arabesque by Yarn Bee. And thanks!!

  3. The outline looks wonderful =)
    The scarf looks nice, remembers me that I should crotchet more often ;-) I still have a book here with some wonderful shawls in it =)