Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Help me decide!

Sooo I need to decide which HAED I want to work on!
I'm almost done with page 5 of Mini Alice and Snow White, and there are 12 pages in total with the last three being partials...
But I just bought Faces of Faery 185 and 187 because HAED had a 50% off sale!!

 This is Faces of Faery 185
 Here is Faces of Faery 187
And this is one I've been working on since last June, but haven't picked back up in a while! All the reds were getting to me after a while...

But then again, maybe I should just finish Alice and Snow White!

This is what I have of page 5 so far! I'm loving it, but this page has been confetti heavy


  1. Do you know how hard it is to decide between those three? I'm gonna make it easy on myself. I vote for Dragon Riders, simply because it's different from the FoF ones. You're welcome, lol. (Also because I have that one, even though it's not started, and I LOVE watching your progress on it.)

  2. Ummm I brought the 2 FoF charts in the last sale. I love them both but I love Alice and Snow White chart that your doing and can't wait to see it finished so I will vote for that.

  3. I'd say either continue or 187 (it has less red). I bought a few myself on the sale. Now just need to stitch non stop for a year or two.

  4. I love love love both of those FoF pieces! I'll need to pick them up before the sale ends!
    Which one calls to you the most? I know I personally find myself pulled to the one in blue, because I like working with the blue hues....and the reds aren't as happy on my eyes!

  5. Loving the progress, every time I see this I just want to rush out and buy it.
    As for what to work on, I love the 2 Face of Fairies, I've had my eye on those since they came out, despite the fact teh blue is more my colours, I think I prefer the red, it's just nicer, but I don't know why!

  6. I think I'll just keep at my Alice and Snow White...I really want to start 187, but I feel bad that I haven't worked on Dragon Riders in so long (since February eek!)

    Thanks for the comments!!! :D

  7. Can I first say congratualtion on graduating! If you're loving Alice and Snow White then keep going with her as Dragon Riders isn't going anywhere. I know what you mean about feeling bad about not stitching on your big peice as I feel like that about Faerie Melody. When I started her I never thought she'd only be halfway done, I thought she'd be done long ago but she's so complicated that she'll never be a focus peice as she'd do my head in with all the confetti. Keep up the beautiful work!

  8. I say carry on with Alice and Snow White for two reasons, you are enjoying it and you are nearly finished. Look forward to seeing your progress. I have to say I like you new purchases.

  9. ooo gorgeous stitching :D I would finish Alice and Snow White :D